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Amber size:

Diameter: 0.31 - 0.35 in (0.8 - 0.9 cm)

Thickness: 0.20 - 0.23 in (0.5 - 0.6 cm)

Stud:   0.43 in (11mm)  

Sterling silver 925

  • Handcrafted

60 million years old honey amber is the fossilized resin from ancient forests. Certified genuine honey amber in a sterling silver setting.


  • Amber is the lightest and warmest stone that exists, which makes it the most comfortable and attractive gem in jewelry.
  • If you have not held this treasure yourself; if you have not experienced the opportunity for this joy, we hope you find it quick, a celebration of what amber has meant to us and too many people through the ages. Enjoy your Amber.
  • Amber is a versatile organic gemstone. Because it comes in an assortment of colors it is suitable for any women to wear beautifully.
Honey Amber Collection


The most recognizable color of amber, it can be found in almost every key location where amber is mined: Africa, South America, New Zealand and Eurasia. Depending on location, the age of honey amber ranges from 1-90 millions years old. In essence, honey amber is a time capsule preserving compressed organic matter, such as insects, and even little animals. Known as the "Window to the Past", honey amber tells many fantastic stories from long, long ago. Cognac (or Honey) is the color most commonly associated with the amber gemstone. When people think of “the color amber”, it is the stone of cognac, or honey, amber that is described. If you were to mix together all the colors of amber on the same palette, you will produce a nice cognac shade. It is a hue often found in golden sunsets of the summer. Inclusions show up very nicely in this shade of amber. Often times, stones are selected merely on how the inclusions reflect light as the jewelry is worn. Amber is a conductor of heat, and provides healing energy if worn close to the skin.

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Baltic Amber Dark Cognac Color 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings "ROSE"

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