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Length: ~ 45cm -70cm

Amber beads size (aprox): 0,7cm

Weight: 12 - 20g

Baltic Amber Necklaces for adults

Amber is fossilized tree resin from ancient forests, and when in contact with warm skin releases healing oils with pain relieving and other therapeutic properties which are absorbed into the bloodstream. The amber is said to reduce inflammation caused by teething when worn close to the skin and promote a stronger immunity to common infection as well as assisting general well-being. These are a fantastic natural alternative for teething babies.

There are also many reports of amber helping to relieve many conditions in adults, including arthritis, headaches, injuries, muscular aches and pains, stress and much more

How do they work?  The active ingredient in amber is succinic acid which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and is known to stimulate neural system recovery and build the immune system, boost awareness, concentration and reflexes and reduce stress.

These beautiful handcrafted necklaces necklaces are genuine Baltic Amber from Lithuania.  Each bead is individually knotted to prevent them all spilling off should it break (see, we have babies safety at mind!). The clasps are plastic - designed to release if pressure is applied!

Please note that each design is unique and may differ slightly from the image.

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